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The Hon Malcolm Turnbull MP


20 July 2017

  • The topic, New Directions in an Uncertain World, is a very timely one. We are living in a time where the pace and scale of change is utterly unprecedented throughout all of human history. Last week at the G20, I was proud to represent Australia as the largest economies of the world considered how to navigate the future under these conditions of rapid and indeed, accelerating change.

  • Paul Kelly: Thank you very much, Prime Minister. You’re an optimist and that was an optimistic speech. We know in an age of disruption and great technological change that jobs are being destroyed and new jobs are being created - it’s one of the arguments you’ve just made. But there’s a lot of analysis which suggests that in terms of the new jobs being created they tend to fall - in simplified terms - into two categories: quality jobs at the high end that are well paid, and other jobs that are low paid jobs, perhaps in the services sector, perhaps casual employment.

19 July 2017

18 July 2017

17 July 2017

  • We are pleased to release the Final Report of the Referendum Council, a body established in 2015 to provide guidance on constitutional change to recognise Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians.

  • I warmly welcome the Governor-General’s approval of my recommendation that John Key be appointed an Honorary Companion in the Order of Australia. 


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