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The Hon Malcolm Turnbull MP


08 August 2017

  • Sixty years ago, Australia and Japan signed the Commerce Agreement that would lay the foundations for our future economic cooperation. The Commerce Agreement was signed by the governments led by Mr Nobusuke Kishi, grandfather of Prime Minister Abe and Sir Robert Menzies. It marked the beginning of a strong and vital partnership between our two countries.

06 August 2017

  • The Australian Government welcomes the unanimous adoption by the United Nations Security Council of new substantial measures against North Korea overnight.  Australia will move quickly to implement the new resolution and today announces new measures to support the international action.

05 August 2017

  • We’ve had some great discussions here at Garma. Learning a lot, doing a lot of listening and quite a bit of talking as you’ve heard but also plenty of listening. I want to thank again Galarrwuy Yunupingu in particular for the welcome that he’s given us here and his family and the Gumatj people here. It’s been fantastic.

  • Ngarra buku-wurrpan bukmak nah! Nhuma'lanah. Ngarra Prime Minister numalagu djal Ngarra yurru wanganharra'wu nhumalangu bukmak'gu marrigithirri. Ngarra ga nhungu dharok ga manikay' ngali djaka wanga'wu yirralka.

04 August 2017

  • Prime Minister: Well thank you Melissa and you’re doing an amazing job as the federal Member, what a passionate advocate for the Kimberley and all of her vast electorate. 

  • Ngarra buku-wurrpan bukmak nah! Nhuma'lanah. I acknowledge and pay respect to your country, and your elders. Ngarra Prime Minister numalagu djal Ngarra yurru wanganharra'wu nhumalangu bukmak'gu marrigithirri. As Prime Minister, I want to talk to you and learn from you.

03 August 2017

  • The threat posed by the recent plot to bring down an aeroplane has been disrupted and contained.

  • Prime Minister: Good morning. I’m here with the Minister for Justice to announce that based on advice from our intelligence and security agencies, with whom we have been in close discussion today - as we have every day over the last week - the advice we have, is that the threat to aviation from the plot that was uncovered to bring down a plane has been disrupted and contained, thanks to the hard work of our security and intelligence agencies. 

  • Prime Minister: Thank you. Thank you all very much and we are on Noongar country and we acknowledge their custodianship of this land for time out of mind and honour their elders past and present here today. 

  • Geoff Hutchison: I’m delighted to be joined by the Prime Minister of Australia, Malcolm Turnbull. Mr Turnbull, good morning to you. 


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