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21 October 2016

  • As we were just saying, what Mike and I have signed today – and we’re here of course with our Ministers – what we’ve signed today is an important, really a historic step in the way the federal government works with state and, indeed, with local governments. The federal government has always been an investor in infrastructure, in cities. But historically, there has been very little cooperation. The levels of government have often been passing each other like ships in the night, without sufficient communication and collaboration.

  • The Australian and New South Wales governments have committed to a generational deal to deliver almost 100,000 jobs, more housing and better transport for outer Western Sydney in the first City Deal for New South Wales – the nation’s largest ever planning and investment partnership.

  • GRANT GOLDMAN: It is the prime concern of any politician or leader in this country, to create jobs which actually creates wealth and gives us a better economy, it’s pretty simple.

19 October 2016

18 October 2016

  • The Opposition is endeavouring to create a distraction from the real agenda of this Parliament which is to end the lawlessness on the construction and building sites of Australia.

  • Fran Kelly: Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull joins us in our Parliament House studio. Prime Minister, welcome back to Breakfast.

  • Prime Minister: Good morning. Our industrial reform agenda continues this week. This is vital economic reform, this is economy boosting reform. You’ve seen the new tape, the new video and the threats on the Commonwealth Games site at the Gold Coast but this is happening everyday around Australia. This is the type of thuggery that has to stop.


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