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07 February 2016

  • Well, I'm not sure what she was thinking about the GST. We didn't discuss that. But the issue with any changes to the tax system, particularly a really big one like increasing the GST is that you have to be satisfied that it is actually going to deliver an improvement in GDP growth. In other words, it's got to drive jobs and growth. 

05 February 2016

  • Prime Minister: There's never been a more exciting time to be Chris Uhlmann. Journalist: Are you contemplating scrapping the rise in compulsory super to 12 per cent? Prime Minister: The Government has got no plans to change the rise in compulsory super. What is happening at the moment is that we're having a very lively debate about tax and economic reform and so all sorts of proposals are swirling around.

  • Journalist: Malcolm Turnbull’s mantra has been jobs and growth. Well we’ll be talking about jobs. Quite obviously South Australia is the number one place in Australia when it comes to the level of concern about the need to create jobs here. The Prime Minister is on the line. Mr Turnbull thank you very much for joining us on Fiveaa breakfast.

29 January 2016

  • Thank you very much, Penny, for that very warm introduction. And thank you Aunty Di for your very generous Welcome to Country. Thank you to the Salvos for all the work they do and for their great, great collaboration. And, of course, welcome Robert Doyle, here in this wonderful hall. A reminder, Lord Mayor, of the absolutely unequal Victorian architectural endowment of Melbourne – what an extraordinary city you preside over.

  • NEIL MITCHELL: In the studio, the Prime Minister – Mr Turnbull, good morning.

26 January 2016

  • CARRIE BICKMORE: Welcome, Prime Minister. We know you've had a crazy day today. Be honest with us, how many snags and sauce have you had to cram down your throat for the cameras today? PRIME MINISTER: Not one. Not one. No, I haven't done a public or indeed a private barbecue today. So the sausages are safe!

  • JOURNALIST: Prime Minister, David Morrison yesterday joined a group of premiers in supporting the push for a republic. As an avid republican yourself, is it time we started that conversation again? PRIME MINISTER: Well the conversation hasn’t stopped and it continues and look, I am, I welcome support for an Australian republic, it’s important and I’ve been committed to Australia becoming a republic for a long time, I am a notorious republican after all.

  • Thank you so much, well done. Well thank you so much Aunty Agnes for your welcome to Ngunnawal land. We are here gathered on Ngunnawal land, and we acknowledge and honour and respect their elders past and present, just as right across Australia, where over 400 ceremonies are taking place like this on the lands of Australia's first peoples. We honour their elders past and present, and respect their custodianship and their links to our land for time out of mind and continuing forever into the future.

25 January 2016

  • Australians, let us all rejoice, rejoice that tonight, we are honouring the Australian of the Year Finalists. Selfless, committed to the service of others, in different ways improving and enriching the lives of our whole Australian family. Our 2015 Australian of the Year – Rosie Batty – used the platform of that office for a passionate advocacy.

  • Friends, here we are on the eve of Australia Day. There has never been a more exciting time to be a finalist in the 2016 Australian of the Year finals! Now Lucy and I are really delighted to welcome you to The Lodge today, this is the first function at The Lodge since it has been renovated and since we moved in so you could say this is our housewarming party so we’re thrilled that you’re here!


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