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The Hon Malcolm Turnbull MP


11 December 2015

  • I want to thank the leaders of the states and territories and of course the President of the Local Government Association for a very good discussion. It was a very good and cooperative, congenial discussion today over many issues and we've reached agreement on some very important priorities.

  • Well, welcome. This is my first COAG as Prime Minister and I want to thank all the Premiers and Chief Ministers the President of the Local Government Association for your encouragement and the very collaborative discussion we had last night.

10 December 2015

09 December 2015

08 December 2015

  • Prime Minister: How exciting is that? All of that enthusiasm and innovation, a reminder, a demonstration, that our commitment to innovation, our science and innovation agenda is driving jobs and growth.

  • Prime Minister: Thank you very much, Ben and Richard – congratulations. There has never been a more exciting time to be involved in FinTech. You know, this is a 21st century Government and this is a 21st century industry but I have to say, Ben, there was a wonderful retro feel, a real 1980s feel to a bottle of red wine over lunch. That reminds me of the days when the stock exchange was still a partnership, it’s terrific.

07 December 2015

  • Leigh Sales: Prime Minister, thank you for coming in. Prime Minister: Great to be with you.

  • Prime Minister: Good afternoon. I’m here with my good friend and colleague, the Minister for Industry, Innovation and Science, Christopher Pyne, to usher in the ideas boom. The mining boom, the mining construction boom has been great for Australia. It has driven growth in incomes, but, as we have seen, the mining boom inevitably has receded. What is going to drive Australian prosperity in the years ahead? How does our economy transition? Our innovation agenda is going to help create the modern, dynamic, 21st-century economy Australia needs.


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