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08 March 2017

07 March 2017

  • We thank you so much for the welcome from you and the people of Indonesia have shown us here at this first IORA’s Leaders’ Summit and the 20th anniversary of the Indian Ocean Rim Association. Leaders have come together and it has been a very successful summit and we thank you for your leadership.

  • PRIME MINISTER: This is a very important meeting. We have so many issues we have to address across the Indian Ocean. As you know, while there is enormous amount of cooperation in the Asia-Pacific, East Asia, South-East Asia areas, there has been less done across the Indian Ocean. So this is a very good opportunity for all of the nations around the Indian Ocean rim to get together.

  • PRIME MINISTER: Ministers, delegates, Excellencies, I am delighted to be here to represent Australia at the inaugural IORA Leaders’ Summit.

06 March 2017

  • Turnbull Government funding for The Smith Family’s pioneering Learning for Life program is already delivering targeted interventions and support for 3,000 of Australia’s most disadvantaged young people. The Prime Minister and Minister for Education and Training tonight met Learning for Life graduates at a ceremony in Melbourne to mark their achievements.

  • Minister for Communications: It’s great to have the Prime Minister in south east Melbourne, in the heartland of Victorian manufacturing. South east Melbourne produces 44 per cent of Victoria’s manufacturing output and manufacturing in this area employs in excess of 90,000 people.

  • I will travel to Jakarta on March 7 to attend the first Indian Ocean Rim Association (IORA) Leaders’ Summit to discuss economic growth, regional stability and the importance of countering violent extremism in the Indian Ocean region.

  • PRIME MINISTER: Thank you Lisa and Anton and John Ballard our host at the ACU. And Emma, what a great speech thank you so much.

  • TOM ELLIOT: Good afternoon, Prime Minister.

04 March 2017


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