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The Hon Malcolm Turnbull MP


29 July 2016

  • Following the Cabinet discussion yesterday I can announce that the Government will not be nominating any person for the office of Secretary-General of the United Nations. I've spoken to Mr Rudd in the last hour and advised him of that decision and the reasons for it.

  • I am pleased to announce the re-appointment of Ms Nola Marino as the Chief Government Whip. Nola will continue to perform this vitally important role with great skill. She is held in the highest esteem by her colleagues and I greatly value her counsel and support. The full House whips team will be announced when there is clarity about the result in the seat of Herbert. I also thank Brett Whiteley for his service as Government Whip.

28 July 2016

  • The Governor-General has issued Letters Patent to establish a Royal Commission into the Child Protection and Youth Detention Systems of the Government of the Northern Territory, and appoint the Hon Brian Ross Martin AO QC as Royal Commissioner.  This Royal Commission will be conducted jointly with the Northern Territory Government which will issue an appointment in identical terms under its Inquiries Act.

  • Well, colleagues, welcome. Three years of Government, this is the term of delivery. We are returned to Government, majority Government, with a big program - a program based on our national economic plan that we took to the election, a plan designed to set Australia up for the future. We have so much to do, so many projects, so many programs to deliver. We have a big task of Budget repair. We've set out the way we'll do that in the Budget.

  • Alan Jones: Prime Minister good morning. Prime Minister: Good morning. Alan Jones: Thank you for your time. I mean you wouldn’t be human if you weren’t disappointed with the result. You’ll be able to form a government. Are you confident? Prime Minister: We have formed a Government. A Ministry has been re-sworn and we have a majority in the House of Representatives. So we have won the election.

  • At the start of this week, Australians were shocked and appalled by the images of mistreatment of children at the Don Dale Youth Detention Centre in the Northern Territory. There can be no greater responsibility bestowed on an adult, a parent, a government institution, than the protection of a child in their care. On Tuesday, I announced that the Government would move to hold a Royal Commission into the treatment of children and young persons detained in the Northern Territory youth detention system and in particular, the Don Dale Youth Detention Centre. 

27 July 2016

  • It is two years since a successful people smuggling venture came to Australia. It is two years that we have kept the border secure, two years when the team from Border Force and Operation Sovereign Borders led by the Minister, have ensured the people smugglers cannot peddle their evil trade.

  • Today is an important milestone for Operation Sovereign Borders (OSB), marking two years since the last successful people smuggling venture. This achievement is a result of the Coalition’s vigilant commitment to its successful border policy. The Prime Minister reiterated his Government’s commitment to protecting Australia’s borders, stamping out people smuggling and preventing people risking their lives at sea.

  • Kier Shorey: Good morning Prime Minister. Welcome back to Far North Queensland. Prime Minister: Good morning, it’s great to be here with my friend and colleague Warren Entsch the Member for Leichardt.

26 July 2016


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