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The Hon Malcolm Turnbull MP


24 August 2016

  • Welcome home, Australia’s Olympic Champions. Every single one of you are champions and we want to thank you for what you’ve done to inspire us.

  • Prime Minister: I think we went well. I know there has been a bit of criticism and complaints that we could have done better but can I say today, we should just be filled with joy and congratulations for our team. They’re all champions, every single one of them and we should just be filled with pride at how well they swam, ran, cycled, rowed, sailed. Every sport that they participated in they gave their utmost, you know I think we should be proud of every single one of them.

  • The Turnbull Government is strengthening Medicare to deliver better health outcomes for Australians.  As one of our first priorities this term, we are today announcing the ten regions across the country that will participate in stage one of our revolutionary Health Care Homes model. Health Care Homes is a better way of delivering Medicare for Australians with chronic illness.

22 August 2016

  • Well let me say how honoured Michaelia and I are to be here with you, with your federal Member Tony Smith and the Victorian Opposition Leader Matt Guy, your state colleagues and councillors, but above all with you the CFA volunteers.

19 August 2016

  • It’s been wonderful to be here at the Holdsworth Community Centre, and to be in the company of so many young Australians all dressed up as pirates. It’s a very pirate themed today and it’s great in my capacity as the local Member, to be able to provide some support for this terrific redesign and redevelopment of this Centre.

  • Prime Minister: Good morning Neil, great to be with you.

18 August 2016

  • Thank you your Excellency for such a warm and wise address. Thank you Peter Ryan and your committee for your inspired leadership in arranging today’s commemorations. You welcomed all of our distinguished guests but like his Excellency, I acknowledge foremost among all of us, our Vietnam Veterans. In the cool calm of our nation’s capital, we the leaders of your nation and the representatives of the governments of New Zealand and the United States, gather to thank you and honour you, the Vietnam Veterans, for your service and your sacrifice in that long war you fought in the steaming heat and torrential rain of the jungles of Vietnam.

17 August 2016

  • Ladies and gentlemen, when the Parliament returns on the 30th of August, it will be nearly four months, and a long federal election, since we last met. And now that the dust and the votes have settled, the Australian people will expect all of us - Government, opposition and crossbenches - to make the Parliament they have elected work for them. The big economic challenges and opportunities we faced in May are still there. And central to them all is this - how do we ensure Australia remains a high wage, first-world economy with a generous social welfare safety net?

  • Your Excellency’s, the Honourable Bill Shorten MP, my ministerial colleagues, the Honourable Chester Borrows MP - Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives of New Zealand, my parliamentary colleagues, Chief of Defence of the ADF - Mark Binskin, Chief of the New Zealand Army, leaders of our ex-service organisations who are here today. But above all, you, the veterans of the Vietnam War including here today 100 veterans of the Battle of Long Tan. Your nation’s leaders are here to honour and thank you - the veterans of that War for your service and your sacrifice.

16 August 2016

  • Thank you very much for joining us today. Barnaby and I, like all Australians are very concerned about the events in the milk industry. We are looking forward to discussing these events with you and in particular hearing from you the causes of these declining milk prices and in particular why it was that your suppliers - your dairy farmers, your co-op members - were paying prices that seemed to be at odds with global prices and are now in position where they have now substantial debts to repay to Murray Goulburn. And of course we know the very serious hardship that that turn of events have caused.


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