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All states and territories sign up for the one-stop shop

13 December 2013

Prime Minister

Minister for the Enviornment


The Government has delivered on its election promise to cut green tape with all states and territories signing on for the one-stop shop for environmental assessments and approvals.

The Prime Minister has today signed Memoranda of Understanding to implement a one-stop shop with the Northern Territory, South Australia, Western Australia, Victoria, Tasmania and the Australian Capital Territory.

This means all Australian states and territories are now on board to develop a one-stop shop for environmental assessments and approvals within 12 months.

Establishing a single approval process that meets all state, territory and commonwealth laws is a key part of the Coalition’s deregulation agenda to strengthen our economy. It will create certainty for investment, grow the economy, reduce costs for business, boost productivity and create jobs.

By eliminating duplication, we can deliver more timely approvals and enable Australian businesses to expedite their work while maintaining the current high standard of environmental protection.

This approach was recommended by the Productivity Commission in its recent research report which supports the Coalition’s commitment to streamline environmental approval processes.

The Federal Government has today also signed a new assessment bilateral agreement with Queensland. This is a significant next step in the establishment of a comprehensive one-stop shop for environmental approvals, incorporating the federal environmental requirements.

A bilateral assessment agreement with New South Wales is currently being finalised.

13 December 2013