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10 February 2016

  • Yanggu gulanyin ngalawiri, dhunayi, Ngunawal dhawra. Wanggarra lijinyin mariny bulan bugarabang. ‘Today, Mr Speaker we are meeting together on Ngunawal land country and we acknowledge and pay our respects to their Elders.’ I rise today to deliver the 2016 Closing the Gap statement. I pay my deep respects to the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander custodians who have cared for this country and to their elders who continue to hold the knowledge of their rich and diverse cultures.

  • Well thank you very much Artiene for that very eloquent and warm introduction. It’s a great honour to be here today. And thank you Aunty Matilda for your Welcome to Country on behalf of the Ngunnawal people who have been the custodians of this land for thousands and thousands of years, for time out of mind. And I want to acknowledge all of the distinguished guests here today and of course, above all today, the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people here among us and all of those across the nation.

  • Andrew Robb has been the most successful Trade Minister in our country’s history.

09 February 2016

  • Alison, thank you, thank you very much and I also acknowledge the traditional owners of the Ngunnawal land on which we meet and I want to thank you very much for the Welcome to Country. We hope that Tina and her son are doing well. Sorry that she’s not here. I pay my respects on behalf of all of us to their Elders, past and present and of course the Elders from other communities many of whom are here today.

08 February 2016

  • Philip, your service to the Parliament and the nation is so remarkable. Multicultural Australia, the Australia in which we live today, the most successful multicultural society in the world has in large part been shaped by you and by many others, but there is no-one, no-one in the Parliament today that has done more to make us the successful multicultural nation that we are than you and we thank you so much for that and it’s great that you’re going to be continuing to provide service as a Special Envoy on Human Rights, one of your great passions.

  • Today Philip Ruddock has announced he will not renominate for parliament at the next election. Philip is the longest serving member of our Parliament – he is the Father of the House and he has been a dear friend, wise counsel and an inspiration to generations of Liberals. Philip was the longest serving Immigration Minister in our history. In that role, he was able to deploy his long standing commitment to multiculturalism and human rights.

  • As you know, we are committing an additional $4 million to The Smith Family's Let's Count program and Lisa O’Brien will talk about that in a moment. And also we’re committing another $4 million towards the Little Scientists program and Sibylle Seidler from the FROEBEL Foundation will be talking about that in a moment too.

  • The Turnbull Government is equipping Australian children with the skills in maths and science for the jobs of tomorrow through a $14 million investment as part of the National Innovation and Science Agenda.

07 February 2016

  • Well, I'm not sure what she was thinking about the GST. We didn't discuss that. But the issue with any changes to the tax system, particularly a really big one like increasing the GST is that you have to be satisfied that it is actually going to deliver an improvement in GDP growth. In other words, it's got to drive jobs and growth. 

05 February 2016

  • Prime Minister: There's never been a more exciting time to be Chris Uhlmann. Journalist: Are you contemplating scrapping the rise in compulsory super to 12 per cent? Prime Minister: The Government has got no plans to change the rise in compulsory super. What is happening at the moment is that we're having a very lively debate about tax and economic reform and so all sorts of proposals are swirling around.


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