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24 October 2016

  • I am Julian Leeser, I am the Member for Berowra and it is wonderful to welcome the Prime Minister here to the electorate of Berowra with my friends and colleague Paul Fletcher, he is the Member for Bradfield, but also the Minister for Urban Infrastructure and also the New South Wales Minister for Roads, Duncan Gay. We are here to talk about NorthConnex. Now you can hear the trucks and cars whizzing through Pennant Hills Road and I can tell you this is the absolute number one [inaudible] in my electorate.

  • PRIME MINISTER: Thank you very much and I am thrilled to be here on this day and indeed my birthday. Lucy and I are delighted to be here Helen. We are, as all of us here, such great admirers of the leadership you provide. So many years of dedication to improving the health of Australians tackling the enormous challenge of cancer.

22 October 2016

  • PRIME MINISTER: Well thank you very much for such a warm welcome. Acting President Kent Johns, State Director Chris Stone. Premier Mike Baird, Deputy and State Treasurer Gladys Berejiklian – a very big congratulations for getting the State Budget in surplus Gladys. No pressure on us Scott at all.

21 October 2016

  • As we were just saying, what Mike and I have signed today – and we’re here of course with our Ministers – what we’ve signed today is an important, really a historic step in the way the federal government works with state and, indeed, with local governments. The federal government has always been an investor in infrastructure, in cities. But historically, there has been very little cooperation. The levels of government have often been passing each other like ships in the night, without sufficient communication and collaboration.

  • Well thank you very much Glen it is great to be with you, Lucy and I thrilled to be here with so many friends. It’s good to see Craig Laundy here, my colleague and it’s good to see Arthur Sinodinos the Cabinet Secretary and Elizabeth and also of course to see Wayne Swan the former Treasurer and Deputy Prime Minister.

  • The Australian and New South Wales governments have committed to a generational deal to deliver almost 100,000 jobs, more housing and better transport for outer Western Sydney in the first City Deal for New South Wales – the nation’s largest ever planning and investment partnership.

  • GRANT GOLDMAN: It is the prime concern of any politician or leader in this country, to create jobs which actually creates wealth and gives us a better economy, it’s pretty simple.

19 October 2016

  • PRIME MINISTER: It’s great to be here among friends; to celebrate the outstanding achievements in science, from teachers that have inspired a generation of young scientists, to world-class researchers that are pushing the very frontier of human knowledge.

  • PRIME MINISTER: Friends, you know at the beginning of your video you summed up this issue so well, that we are absolutely of the same mind. You said, I recall there, ‘In today’s world, you can either drive change or be driven by it.’

  • Tonight we recognise some of Australia’s greatest scientists, innovators and teachers for outstanding achievements in their fields. The $250,000 Prime Minister’s Prize for Science has been awarded to evolutionary biologist Professor Richard Shine of the University of Sydney in recognition of his work to ensure Northern Australia’s peak predators – snakes and lizards – are more likely to survive the cane-toad invasion.


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