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Federal and Queensland governments sign up to a one-stop shop for environmental approvals

18 October 2013

Prime Minister

The Federal and Queensland Governments have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to create a one-stop shop for environmental approvals.

This reform is important for the Australian economy and is a key part of the State and Federal Governments’ deregulation agenda.

It will slash the growing burden and duplication of red and green tape which is a handbrake on investment in Queensland because two sets of environmental approvals cause delays to projects and investment across the state and the country.

The one-stop shop does not replace any State or Federal environment laws – it simply streamlines the process, ensuring just one application, instead of two, needs to be made.

That means the same strict environmental standards but ensures swift decisions and more certainty, whilst increasing jobs and investment in Queensland.

State governments already administer environmental law and should be able to make environmental approvals on the Commonwealth’s behalf while maintaining the same strict standards.

Within 12 months a bilateral agreement will be reached between the Federal and Queensland Governments. The work to achieve this will be undertaken by the Environment Ministers.

Creating a one-stop shop for environmental approvals in Queensland will help to grow the state’s economy, reduce costs for business, boost productivity and create jobs.

18 October 2013