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The Hon Malcolm Turnbull MP


31 August 2016

  • Today, my Government gets on with the job of delivering on important commitments we made to Australians at the election. We are acting on the mandate we received from the Australian people. And we expect the Parliament to respect that mandate.

  • Today I also introduce the Building and Construction Industry (Consequential and Transitional Provisions) Bill 2013. This Bill deals with consequential and transitional matters relating to the re-establishment of the Australian Building and Construction Commission and other matters set out in the Building and Construction Industry (Improving Productivity) Bill 2013.

  • Mr Speaker, on Monday at the Australian War Memorial, the Leader of the Opposition and I stood with many of our Parliamentary colleagues alongside serving sailors, soldiers and airmen, veterans of conflicts past and their families, at a solemn ceremony in the Canberra twilight.  On the eve of the 45th Parliament we reflected on the most solemn responsibility conferred on us, as our nation's leaders - the decision to send the men and women of the Australian Defence Force into harm’s way. 

  • Since 2013, the Coalition has sought repeatedly to honour the commitment it made to the Australian people to legislate to improve the governance and accountability of registered organisations -  unions and employer organisations. Sadly, this legislation was blocked by the previous Senate time and time again, and consequently was one of the reasons for July’s double-dissolution election.  

  • Good morning and it’s great to be here with Village Building looking at this development with Michaelia Cash, the Employment Minister and Wilhelm Harnisch from the Master Builders Association. Today is a day we introduce many bills into the Parliament setting out the foundations of our plan for economic security, our plan for jobs and growth, major economic reforms. 

30 August 2016

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