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The Hon Tony Abbott MP

Establishment of the Prime Minister's Business Advisory Council

26 September 2013

Prime Minister

Today, I announce the appointment of Mr Maurice Newman AC as the Chairman of the Prime Minister’s Business Advisory Council.

Mr Newman is a former Chairman of the Australian Stock Exchange, Deutsche Bank (Asia Pacific), the Australian Broadcasting Corporation as well as a former Chancellor of Macquarie University.

Government and business have a shared interest in the economic success of Australia.

We appreciate that a strong economy needs profitable and dynamic businesses to sustain it.

Strong and successful Australian businesses mean more jobs and more revenue to fund the provision of services and investment in infrastructure.

The previous government’s class war on business and sectors of our economy did little to engender confidence and economic opportunity.

A strong relationship with business characterised the Hawke, Keating and Howard governments. I want to restore a working relationship between government and Australian business.

The Prime Minister’s Business Advisory Council will meet three times a year with senior members of the Government.

It will include representatives from the manufacturing, agricultural, services and information sectors as well as from the resources sector because Australia’s future depends on having a diverse five pillar economy.

Interested persons who wish to apply to be part of the Advisory Council can register their interest by email at or by post at:

Prime Minister’s Business Advisory Council

Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet

PO Box 6500


Applications must be received by Friday 11 October 2013.

I look forward to working with Mr Newman and members of the Advisory Council.

26 September 2013